Many thanks for the good job done by Grant/Fraser this week, Both of them were very personable, thoughtful and good workers. Clearly you train your staff distinctively well and operate a good business model. No tech creds but I do know about running businesses. Reference here should you ever need one. Pleasure to do business.

Everyone I've had dealings with from the company have been brilliant. Kate was really helpful with getting all the info together for applying for the funding and arranging quotes etc. The guys that came and fitted everything were really helpful. Absolutely brilliant service.

I had my charge point installed today, great service and the charger looks very neat.

Everything works perfect and the guys did a fantastic job and explained everything very clearly.

The boys did a great job on the installation. Really neatly done, given the complexities of working with an old building with three feet thick stone walls. So, well done them. Very happy to give you a glowing recommendation for complex installations!

Today’s installation went very well, and your chaps were both a pleasure to have working here. Both were masked up when needed and certainly knew exactly what they were doing.

We were really pleased with the installation team - they did a good job and dealt with the complications regarding the mounting rails very professionally.I’d also like to compliment Lewis who has been troubleshooting our heating installation (originally done by others). He clearly enjoys a challenge and he worked assiduously with Ryan. Vaillant to come up with the “proper” solution.

The installation went very well. Thanks to Grant for the excellent quality of his workmanship, you wouldn't know he had installed the Charge point apart from the box on the garage wall.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how happy we were with Grant Stewart. Grant was by far the best electrician we've ever had out to a call. He was lovely and helpful, and very patient with every question I was asking him. Grant was so lovely and helpful. Excellent service. Thank you.