The best place to charge your car is at home and overnight. Plug in when you get home and wake up to a full charge for the day.

Home chargers can be linked with your Solar PV & battery storage so you are charging the car with your own 100% clean electricity.

How to arrange an Installation:

1. Purchase Your Tesla Home Charger
These can be purchased online from Tesla, and must be sold from Tesla direct to the customer.

2. Schedule our visit
Once you take receipt of your charge point, let us know and we can get this installed for you. Installation should take less than a day and that’s you up and running.

Tesla Chargers are currently not on the OZEV list of chargepoints eligible for funding.

If you want to maximise your savings we would recommend combining Solar PV and Powerwall with your Tesla home charger. Sign up to the Tesla Energy Plan and create your own self sufficient power house.