What is SOlar PV?

Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV as its often abbreviated, involves using panels made up of semi-conducting material which, when having light shined on them create an electric field generating electricity. The stronger the sun shines the more electricity is produced. Solar panels will still be working and generating electricity even on a dull day. This energy can be used to help pay the cost of your energy bills, sold back to the grid or tied with other renewable technologies like battery storage to help power your house or electric vehicle.


The cost of installing Solar PV will vary depending on the number of panels installed and whether the panels are mounted on a roof, in a roof or on in consoles on the ground. The average cost of a typical PV installation is around £5000-7000 however the VAT on renewables is only 5% compared to the usual 20%.


Solar PV requires very little maintenance, ensure that solar panels are kept relatively clean and are not too shaded by any nearby trees. Rain and wind will do much of the cleaning for you. Solar panels have a good lifetime approximately 25 years or even longer. Watch out for companies contacting you about maintenance contracts for your PV which you shouldn’t need. If you have any doubt speak to our experienced engineers who will be able to advise you.

Generate your own electricity and make an investment in Solar PV today.

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