An eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating systems, using electricity to create heat rather than hot water, electric radiators are powered entirely by electricity making them 100% efficient at point of use as all the electricity drawn into them is converted into effective warmth.

As fossil fuels become scarcer and renewable energy increasing, Electric radiators provide an adaptable heating option that keeps up with the changing times.

Electric radiators offer the perfect solution to replacing outdated inefficient storage heaters and for properties with no access to mains gas or that require additional heating solutions. With the UK moving towards banning new builds from connecting to the gas network by 2025 and with huge advances in electrical heating, now is the time to go electric.

Fitted with state of the art easy to use DSR controllers, radiators can now be controlled for both time and temperature either manually or wirelessly when using the EHC smart App gateway which is designed to reduce energy bills and maximise on controllability.

Even more cost effective and environmentally friendly when paired with home generated energy. Electric heating is the only system futureproofed for an eco-conscious world.

EHC (Electric Heating Company) - RW Bell Green Energy, an electric heating company is able to install an enormous variety of electric radiators We are Dimplex Approved Installers and are also on the EHC (Electric Heating Company) approved installers list, ensuring you complete confidence that we know our stuff.

Electric radiators can be combined with other renewable energy such as Solar PV and battery storage and can help you become part of the Green Energy revolution. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and how we can make renewables work for you.