Electric Heatin Electric Heating

While the thought of electric heating conjures up memories of antiquated and impossible to control storage heaters, this is in fact no longer the case.

Huge advances in technology now mean homes can have heating and hot water completely generated by electricity and with 100% energy efficiency. Unlike the original storage heaters, electric heating is now fully controllable and can be controlled remotely over WIFI with the use of easy to use apps.

With lower upfront installation costs than your usual gas or oil installations, this makes electric heating an affordable and viable option.

To ensure it is an economical purchase we would absolutely recommend electric heating installed alongside or in conjunction with other renewable energy such as Solar PV and battery storage to take full advantage of utilising energy you are creating rather than paying an electricity supplier.

RW Bell Green Energy can offer advice and practical solutions to your homes heating requirements.

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers offer a method of heating hot water for your heating system using only electricity.

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EHC Heaters

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating systems, using electricity to create your heat.

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