How Does It Work

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a continuous source of ventilation that extracts stale, moisture-laden air from a building and resupplies fresh, filtered air back in via a network of ducts. The result is a comfortable and condensation free environment all year round, whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building.

What are the Benefits of installing an MVHR System?

Clean Living
A continuous supply of fresh air provides good indoor air quality. Reduces damp conditions in bathrooms and shower rooms, preventing mould and fungus build up and helping to eliminate bad odours. Windows and doors can also be kept closed helping to reduce noise pollution and also preventing dirt, pollutants and insects from entering your property.

Save Money
A significant amount of heat from homes is lost through ventilation like windows and doors. MVHR can be up to 96% efficient at recovering heat rather than letting it escape out of vents, windows and fans. As heat won’t be wasted out of your windows you will use less energy and save money.

Improve Your Health
MVHR can eliminate the poor indoor air quality issues caused from CO2 build up, mould and condensation. The filtered air drawn in by the MVHR system reduces pollen and dust mites in the air, which is a great advantage for people with allergies or asthma.