The future is electric heating

As fossil becomes obsolete the move to electric heating solutions is inevitable. Electric heating has evolved dramatically from its earlier days of inefficiency and high running costs. Today’s electric heating systems are efficient, reliable, and have a low environmental impact. Modern electric heaters are fully programmable can be controlled remotely and can provide consistent, instant warmth while using less energy, making them a smart choice for your home or business.

Why install electric heating?

The benefits

Better Efficiency

New electric heaters convert almost all electricity into heat, reducing energy waste.

Even Heat Distribution

Modern designs ensure consistent warmth throughout your space.


Electric systems produce zero emissions at the point of use, promoting cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Remote Access

Control your heating from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

Energy saving

Optimise energy use by setting schedules and adjusting temperatures based on your routine.


Customise heating schedules, get maintenance alerts, and monitor energy usage in real-time.

Who can benefit?

At RW Bell Green Energy, we’re excited to bring you modern electric heating solutions.

New builds

For new homes, electric heating provides a cost effective heating option, straight forward install and integrates perfectly with contemporary designs. Our team can offer energy-efficient, future-proof systems.

Replacing Old Fossil Fuel Systems

If you're looking to move away from outdated fossil fuel systems, electric heating is an excellent choice. It reduces your carbon footprint, lowers maintenance costs, is easily controllable and can be integrated with solar PV and battery storage systems.

Upgrading Inefficient Electric Systems

Got an old electric heating system? Upgrading to a modern system improves comfort, cuts energy bills, and enhances reliability.

Integration with renewable solutions

Maximise your energy efficiency by combining electric heating with other renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and battery storage.

Lower energy cost

Use solar-generated electricity to power your heating, cutting down on bills.

Energy Independence

Reduce reliance on the grid by generating your own renewable energy creating your own self sufficient system.


Further reduce your carbon footprint with this sustainable combination.


Stay ahead with state-of-the-art energy solutions.

Instant Access to Heat and Hot Water

Modern electric heating systems provide immediate heat and hot water, ensuring comfort and convenience whenever you need it.

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Our team is here to guide you through the process, making your transition to clean energy effortless and rewarding.